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5 mei 2011

My dear Mr. Metternich,

It is not in the least place to thank you for your assistance in my responsibilities or experienced appearance in relations to be grateful about. Without your felt relation to my identical being I wouldn’t have awaked this day with the same feeling to have been encouraged in selfconfidence and reasoning of health. As you told me you do have your contacts in the world of oncologists too, and that aspect gives me hope the European Union comes over the heap of flesh and bones it shows at the time to have become and retakes it’s conducts as a concert of associated states to be of growth and prosperity and to become of further useful content to developments on the globe called earth. We shared opinions about globalisation too, but for that explanative behaviour of my side, which belongs nevertheless to the temporary being of individuality which is social, it must be esteemed to be too early a bird to let fly to the sky. Me too, I pick out of the air, like you did, and may be the progress from your temporary being untill this times is I’m more happy with the harvesting.
You explained me too you had your times of christianity during to preparing and exercising of political power of a man’s hand which was yours in the Conference of Vienna, the start of a century relatively more human and more easy to bear which explained my attached dr. Kissinger in his book on diplomacy from an American point of view. I must say, I can recommend the man to your attention, but spare me, whatever he leaves comes on my dish. May be you can convince him of a better way to behave but the individuality of the targeted personalized answering of the next century as mentioned above. I do have more or less experiences with cooperation and long distance teamwork, as the work-out of the technical revolution communication technics brought, but I must say or avow, he could understand weither the communication theories indicate there is question of a real progress. I look for at least diversification in my jobs, and every day brings another question to my doorstep and I am never alone for a long time. During the writing of this my letter I become again aware or conscious of the fact, I am assisted at my place by young lord David, of which I use the device to express myself like he is so generous to share the function. I do not have a computer at the moment myself, like my modest entrance to the cybernetic world has been token away by the hand of the Allmighty, showing himself in a young Romanian. But thanks to this developments my energy felt on the written account with the pen on paper, a reality which will never disappear from the world and I realized miracles with. As well it might have been the Allmighty was distressed by my utterances on the device like I mentioned a Russian opposition which doesn’t exist. I can only end the story to ask you weither you want to bless the God of Heaven out of my name for His mighty interventioning and warning.

Yours truly,

Clemens Buur von Chips

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