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reality of being alive

6 mei 2011

To mr. Clemens von Metternich Bliswich,

Dear Sir,

Like you please to understand well my real freedom only comes about on may 8. There is no change in my political opinions, even or though I am a citizen of Dutch origin and belonging to circles of State authority of the gouvernment of the Netherlands. I must say, I rather doubted today the reality of the issue, but you are right: I got a financial poblem and there doesn’t happen anyone to solve the question. It must be me myself to get or to find an answer or answering or answers, and I shouldn’t doubt my ability to be involved in the processing of that. But I must add to the information me too, I am a person, if not a personified identity, with limited reaching and private interests, which I today fulfilled with the assistance of the Churches and a little help of my friend Lord David Curvers, which happened to show up for a nap or something and regretted the way the situation ended up yesterday time i.e. a quarrel. His heart is forgiving, and I can really recommend his affair to your attention because I figured out he has the fulfillment of the love for one another true christians should have by birth, by his nature, and me, I only had to conquer that inclinationship. Though it might very well be the Holy Lord pointed out the situation of man which he has or is, and called out the revolution in his time, which later on came over Europe and nowadays aboards the United States of America. Anyway, I figured out there is a regime which will be once the old, and I know about that sort of things, you being occupied with another interest.
I discovered your conferential abilities with dr. Kissinger has been very succesfull, he being left by you in doubts and hesitations, but I do not feel any urge to answer his dreams, which he never had before. He readed too much in the book ‘the Forsythe saga’ to end up to sit on a stone in Arlington and to memorize the time. I must say, to add to your information, he has been born in Furth G. and has suffered all experiences of immigrants of jewish origin after 1938, which definitely coloured his fundamental principles and aims, but what I think about the questions he puts: the man must be a little witholded from gaining the fulfillment of his aims, leaving them to the generations to be following. I do not hope, to conclude my letter, he also suffers the 9/11 syndrom, as it must be esteemed as only a ‘fata morgana’ western society is saddled up to understand but is not truely of any meaning. In the desert of Sahara they ride around with a cadillac in a circle to evoke the ‘fata morgana’ and then they think to earn. The true motives for 9/11 were as a matter of fact financial and who am I to oppose Islamic or better called Ismaelic states and cultures? They go their way, we go ours.

Yours truely,

Clemens Buur von Chips

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