Spring naar inhoud

das Geschehen das mir angehort/what about me?

8 mei 2011

attn. mr. C. von Metternich

Dear sir,

It might be much more to our pleasure to retake the relation then to the agreement of those occupied with the wellbeing of our affairs, though I must inform you I rather doubt they only say so but do not mean such in reality. The reality of life is a recycled new television this night and some money in the pocket and the doubts weither there should just so much more to believe in then only the values of the diverse European countries, those not counting this values as a common one but like a diversified one much to their customs and challenges. In my country, the Netherlands, this European value is much more the same like the Dutch Florin of about 10 years ago then that he counts in the value to the dollar, an insight of which I esteem the world could have profit. Though I am not very occupied with the matter of property I cannot agree with my own opinion I wouldn’t have any and the pursuit of the issue can be when I am well informed be awaited. Anyway, it is just not to my interest and I hope neither to yours to take into account a fata morgana which is not to be or become of any value or meaning, like the pursuit of the economical and financial relations of the world would give in to be reconsidered and I hope so often the relations I do keep stay in their stability that I would really admit if you would suppose I feel in a way treated as a subject I cannot be or become, and I would admit the general opinion the person is not much more then the value is left to that fata morgana I mentioned, keeping the millions another fate then the struggle for a life which has no meaning to themselves. So much more then the money our Shepherd indicated He has a value above all, and that issue means to you and to me He’ll guide us on a path which could be walked on much sooner then in general is considered also among nations, also among the millions mentioned above.
As a matter of fact it is not up to your interest or mine if I would be the guidance on a path already token or seen, but I must say I do have opinions and insights, which mean to me I could very well guide at least your existential being in the really very delicate order Europe is involved in but I would prefer on this level not to take the path of neglect once been disastrous to the pursuit of an economical order which could have reached the nations of Europe much earlier then it’s starts in 1945. It is therefor I called your wisdom to my mind and responsibilities, to make way you know which is the interest you serve on my behalf and on the behalf of those in relation with our nevertheless common affairs. I must say, I once got a letter which really encouraged me and my doing or activity during times I waited for a sign of truth in the ongoing of our world. I edited a collection of poetry in which way I forgot about, and the booklet was send to mr. Ruud Lubbers, former prime minister of the State of the Netherlands and a famous economical talent and in this period minister of State, which informed authorities in this country about the formation of a new cabinet in summermonths last year. Like I also forgot how or for which reason I received a short letter of him, undersigned by himself, in which he pointed out my person has the gift of the word and wished me all good. I never got the opportunity to thank him for the message but by some formal confessions and a request for more finance, but I must add he always treated me with respect (like he once wrote the State is no enterprise). I would prefer when you conclude yourself what’s the opportunity about this little story, like there are so many, I do not need to be aware about and the issue seems very personal.

I hope I did not reach to your responsibility to be a shared one, but I can’t neglect the relation between the person and the guide is respectuated in circles of political order.

It is the sign of hope which is the connection between us, and the predicate of the relation or reality feeling we give way to.

Yours truly,

Clemens Buur von Chips

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