Spring naar inhoud

‘back to New Orleans’

12 mei 2011

Happened to watch television and having stumbled on a jazz concert, from which the title of this my message came out of the dark sky like a new born starway. Why would we always like to go back to New Orleans? I wonder. Though what the turmoil of Katherine did bring about I cannot count, it must have been reconstrued for now, the town sounds like a dream place always beloved to be in. Much more music found a source in town as we can ever put in the music library, and I remember a road movie had the town as the end of the story. The town plays an important role in the American Revolution and the forthcoming Civil War, and the place of New Orleans has a certain credit in history and in all Europe seen as ‘the old world’ and is known all over the world as a town of freedoms we never dreamed of. The other side will no doubt also be somehow, but who cares facing the dream? Music is an internationalized medium of communication, and the part of the pudding this town got is nearly half of it, greedy as it is to make true where it stands for.

Give me back
my old place behind,
where I can see the young
and watch all girls
walking down the street
where I live.

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