Spring naar inhoud

conclusive entertainig requests

12 mei 2011

att. Herr Clemens van Metternich

Dear Sir,

Concluding the matter of your diplomatic occupation with this worlds of attention I must say your efforts succeeded to be resultive as far as I can understand. I write you this my letter out of an armchair in my living after a good meal with rice and meatsauce, which might be somehow a luxury to you and your lifetime but for us is quite normal. I am not alone as I am in the company of my good friend David, which can be complicated if diplomatic control fails to be my side of the relation, and I use his communication device which is an apple pro notebook fort which I am grateful and can thank him, but he does not appreciate a thanks. The friendship happens to em one of my responsibilities as David is less cute to social control. As a matter of fact I followed the moves of mr. Poniatovsky, but that happens to be possibly a past over which I have control by the villa in Livorno Italy. I must say, I understand your diplomatic control as very careful, as I also feel healed from the desease this unification of European States brought with, and a sign of hope is that these days the country Danmark, recognizing the problem, did retreat from the Schengen accordition, which happens to me to have turned out to be negatively influencing the people of the nations. I must say, which you remarked certainly, I got requests on my Twitter account ‘birchred’ (after the vicinity I live in named) of mr. Thomas Richter from Bayern and mr. Andreas Teufel from Vienna to become followers, but I do hesitate to admit them to read my tweets. Another message from Vienna I got, and I must say, that I can understand the matter with this information quite well. As a matter of fact we do like the Wiener Burg Theater and the concerthall, the new year concert and the schrammelmusic, and can we understand your way of diplomatic show off in preparation of the Congress quite well. It is very relaxing to have found at least one oiled stone in the history of a union, which seemed to have been a desert. The memorial of all those states coming from is in 2013, and I smile at the thought they all think it was about them only. In the Netherlands we come to understand how the kingdom of Belgium came to foundation and we can only regret the history of it seems quite problematic, but I came to understand it is a different way as only the national state it has and that must have been good to all parties also your. No one can resist the word of God when coming to be spoken. I came back on the point later on.

I must say I am no dyehard in political affairs and I am up to the point to make a break in our relation, but anyway, like you have eternity, a got timebound, it seems to me more your affair to take a different way and I must say, with all respects due to your position and historical place, I leave it to you to decide what’s up to my opinion at the time. I cannot say I feel very much invited to add opinions, informations, facts or other gifts of control and good will to the matter of state but I am more then ready to find joy in my abilities to convey matters. I thank you for the opportunity to freely projectisize on your existence, as the world no doubt will judge, but feel to have a heart beating to the issue of a Europe freed from any tyranny of values.

Yours truly, your friend,

Clemens Buur von Chips

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